How do Q2 Lockers work?

Install the Q2 Laundry application or register on the website and automatically receive 5 GBP for the first wash . Now go to the nearest laundromat, log in to the panel, providing your phone number and individual PIN code visible in the application. The locker will open automatically and the panel will display categories and services for you to choose from. Select the appropriate (eg basic washing + finishing) and close the cabinet.
When our employees pick up the laundry, they will send you a service quote (you can estimate its cost in advance here ) and will start implementing it. Then, within 48 hours of the valuation, we will take the clean laundry back to the laundromat, which we will notify you in the application and via SMS. Remember to pay for the order in the app or on the website before collecting it.

Service in 6 steps.

Create an account Install the Q2 Laundry app or register on the website.
Top up your wallet Top up your prepaid account with any amount by securely plugging in your payment card.
Go to the Q2 Locker Udaj się do najbliższego pralniomatu i zaloguj się w panelu. Szafka otworzy się automatycznie.
Select services On the panel you will see options to choose from. Follow the instructions, selecting the appropriate categories and services from the list.
Wait for a quote When you close the cabinet, you will receive a confirmation of your order. Up to 24 hours the quote for the service will be visible in the application, we will also notify you by SMS.
Pick up your laundry Within 48h of the quote, we'll take your clean laundry to the laundromat and notify you via text message. Pay for your order on the app and pick it up when it's convenient for you.


Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I create an account on Q2 Locker?

To create an account, register at or download the Q2 Laundry app from Google Play or the App Store, then enter your name, phone number, email address and set a password.

During registration, you will receive a 4-digit code via SMS. Enter it in the appropriate field to confirm your registration. Done!

In a moment, you will receive an email confirming your registration and your individual PIN code for logging into Q2 Laundry.

In the drop-down menu of the app you will check the status of your orders, fund your account and check the price list to estimate the cost of the laundry you would like to leave at the laundromat yourself.

How do you order your laundry?

To order laundry, go to the nearest laundromat and then log into the system by entering your phone number and PIN code on the laundromat screen. You’ll find it in the Q2 Laundry app and when you log into your account in your browser. The locker will open automatically, and the panel shows the services to choose from.

  1. First select a category (Laundry, Laundry by weight, Mangle. Shoe cleaning with waterproofing)
  2. .

  3. Then select the type of service (e.g., Water Washing, Dry Cleaning, Aqua-Dry)
  4. .

  5. As you wish, add specialty services (e.g., Apreture, Superquant, Starch, Shoe Ozonation)
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Close the cabinet and you’re done!

Information about the new order goes to Q2 Laundry, and the order becomes visible in your account. You will also receive an SMS notification with confirmation of your order and order ID.

Once your laundry is received, the laundry staff will enter the cost of the service into the app and proceed with the processing, of which you will be notified by SMS. You can pay for your order right after receiving the quote or only before picking it up from the laundromat. Payment is made through a prepaid account, which must be topped up in advance with any amount from a payment card. When the laundry is ready, you will receive an SMS with information about the waiting shipment at the laundromat. Log in to the system, open the locker and pick up your clean, neatly packed and ironed laundry.

What is the turnaround time for the service?

In the case of basic services (dry cleaning, water cleaning, ironing), with the exception of shoe cleaning, your laundry will be ready for pick-up within 48h (business days) after receiving a service quote from a laundry employee. You will receive a quote for the service no later than 24hrs after placing the dirty laundry in the laundry machine. Thus, the maximum service delivery time is 72h, but we usually make it in 24h.

How long does it take to clean shoes?

The shoe cleaning service is completed within 8 to 16 days. The waiting time is extended because the shoes are sent to a shoe laundry specialized in shoe cleaning in another city. Transports are carried out every Thursday, so for example, if you leave your shoes at the laundry on Wednesday – they will be ready for pick-up in 8-9 days, leaving them on Friday – in 13-14 days.

How long will clean laundry wait for me in the laundry machine?

The laundry should be picked up from the laundry locker within 7 days. However, if it is not picked up by the deadline, we send a reminder to pick it up or contact you by phone before emptying the locker. If the laundry is still not picked up, I return it to the laundry room, where it will wait for you for up to 30 days.

What is the cost of delivery to the laundromat?

Both the cost of picking up dirty laundry from the laundromat and delivering clean laundry back to the same place are free of charge.

What happens if I do not accept the quote prepared by the laundry worker?

Q2 specialists will price the service according to the price list available on our website and the range of services you have selected. If you have any doubts, a laundry employee will contact you by phone. However, if you do not agree with the sent quote, you can contact us directly: We will certainly come to an agreement.

What is the service of weight washing?

The weight laundry service is performed using the standard water laundry method. It includes only: personal underwear (underpants, socks, bras), t-shirts, strapless shirts, sports jerseys, sweatpants, leggings and baby clothes. As part of the service, the accepted assortment is not ironed. We also do not perform additional services such as AQUA-DRY, as well as finishing and protection services. The laundry returns to the cabinet perfectly clean andscented and folded.



When to order an ironing service?

Ironing is included in the price of services: water washing, dry cleaning and AQUA-DRY. Laundry by weight is not ironed. You can also have the ironing service done independently, leaving clean clothes in the locker.

How are shirts ironed?

We use professional steam irons, which are heated only by steam flowing under pressure. We iron the sleeves of shirts at the edge.

What happens when I put textiles in the cabinet that are not included in the price list?

W każdej sytuacji budzącej wątpliwość, personel pralni przed wykonaniem usługi kontaktuje się z Klientem telefonicznie i ustala wycenę indywidualnie.

What happens if the garment does not have a label with information on how to wash it?

As a rule, the assortment is washed according to factory markings. In the absence of factory markings indicating the method of washing, clothing or other assortment will be accepted by the laundry at the responsibility of the customer.

Can textiles that have a factory label indicating exclusive handwashing be subject to the service?

Yes, it can be accepted by the laundry, but only at the responsibility of the customer.

Will all stains and dirt be completely removed?

We make every effort and use all available washing techniques to remove stains. However, there is always a risk that not all of them will be completely eliminated. Especially difficult are stains from strong dyes (including coffee, tea, borscht, coca-cola, ink), from adhesives and sticky substances or urine. Various types of color discoloration, caused, for example, by strong detergent or stain, are impossible to remove.

Can an assortment containing synthetic, down or natural feather fill be ordered for laundering?

Yes, but in individual cases the process of cleaning the garment can reveal structural defects in the product, which become apparent in the form of deformations, among other things. There may also be traces left on the fabric after cleaning the down from its natural layer.

Is it possible to have a multi-colored assortment, which is a combination of different types of fabrics, washed?

Yes, but in the case of a material that is a combination of, for example, black leather and light cotton, there is a risk of staining. The service is performed solely at the responsibility of the customer.

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